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The Best Damn Thing

-I Can Do Better
-The Best Damn Thing
-When You're Gone
-Everything Back But You
-I Don't Have To Try
-One Of Those Girls
-Keep Holding On 



Under My Skin

- Take Me Away
- Together
- Don't Tell Me
- He Wasn't
- How Does It Feel
- My Happy Ending
- Nobody's Home
- Forgotten
- Who Knows
- Fall To Pieces

- Freak Out
- Slipped Away
- I Always Get My Way



Let go

- Losing Grip
- Complicated
- Sk8er Boi
- I'm With You
- Mobile
- Unwanted
- Tomorrow
- Anything But Ordinary
- Things I'll Never Say
- My World
- Nobody's Fool
- Too Much To Ask
- Naked



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